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Public Shower Stories


Ok, everybody has them, so break down and share them, whether it was f'ing another guy or just taking a nice look, spill and let it all out. What is your public shower story


Before they changed the shower curtains (now they have 'clear' strips about chest high), they were floor to ceiling (about 7 feet) saw a nice looking guy step out of the shower, dick a bit 'plump'...thought nothing of it....then a few minutes later ANOTHER guy came out of the shower stall, dick also 'plump'.....never would have thought of it....

then the curtains changed...wonder why?? lol


I belong to a gym where there is generally an attendant in the locker room cleaning up after people. One night after swimming I went into the locker room, put my goggles away in my locker and went to take a shower. As I was walking to the showers (private showers with frosted glass doors) I noticed the hot attendant checking me out. After I was in the shower for a few min the attendant went to "clean" some of the showers across from mine. He kept trying to see me through the crack between the class door and the wall, so I started to wank for him. He started to play with himself a bit over his pants and told me to follow him. I decided what the hell. I dried off, put my shorts back on and followed him to the family locker room. As it was like 11pm we knew there wouldn't be anyone in there, and the family locker room has private rooms with doors that lock. After getting situated he pulled of my bathing suit, dropped to his knees and sucked me off. He deep throated me like no other!! I didn't want to cum so fast so I pulled down his pants and man...he had the longest, thickest, uncut dick I have ever seen!! I sucked him off a while before he had me stop so he could finish me off. I def had to take a shower again after that.


Hot thread Demarco! Don't have any stories with physical encounters like the many here, but in boarding school (communal showers) we would often get semi's and joke around about our cocks and balls. Closest time I came to actually trying something in the shower was with one of my good friends in 11th grade. It was just the two of us in there. He was pretty hung, had just started lifting weights too, and so was getting ripped. I made a comment, something about how big he was getting. I remember he grinned and then started twirling his long dick around like a helicopter blade...I remember it kept growing and i kept staring, until when he stopped, he was hard as a rock (and it was huge), and I was starting to bone. After an awkward moment tho, we got embarrassed and he covered it up and turned away while I toweled off. Always wondered what would have happened if I had made a move right then, lol....oh well.


One day after a good long hard work out....and the sauna, went to shower- they were all full but the one all the way down on the right (single showers with curtain), felt great, got a good all over lather going, was pulling back my foreskin and noticed the guy across from me with his curtain 1/2 open/closed...lathering up and we made eye contact- very nicely built older guy, hairy (a weakness) also saw him lathering he reached up slid his curtain open a tad further, so I did similar... we had a very nice intense 'wank' watching each other... had to bite my lip to keep from groaning...

the guy really hosed down the wall with his spunk, nice fat uncut cock...

later found out that the last 2 stalls are the 'watch stalls' i.e if you see someone there with the curtain not fully closed there might be some 'show and play'...really depends on the mood and who/what it is...


1. Had some oldish (older than me at least..) guy jerk himself off in the open cubicle shower opposite mine at the local pool one time, I had noticed him staring at me showering and was horny enough to tease him to hell by bending over, soaping up cock for him to see etc.. he jizzed on the wall just as I left.

2. Same guy but probably about 3 months later, we were in the gym showers (individual stall but with a gap at the bottom). I was teasing him by making my hard cocks shadow display on the floor- next to the space on the floor where he could see it. Watched his hand shadow close around his cock shadow and beat off


This is a true and accurate story

I first noticed him as he walked towards us in the jacuzzi

Around 22, 6ft 8inch at least, fairly smooth body but with a small triangle of fuzzy hair in the centre of his chest, amazingly fit body with tight pecs, abs and biceps, very short buzz cut dark hair, clean shaven with clear unblemished skin and blue sparkly eyes.

looking down I noted he had on long white tracksuit/baseball shorts that were dripping wet and clung to his legs, actually showing off his musculature, being white and wet they had become see through but in order to presere his modesty he was wearing those dark grey very tight compression shorts, the band of which he kept above his white shorts, giving the distinct appearence of his sagging white shorts only being held up by his ample muscular bubble butt.

I was transfixed by this amazingly good looking male as he sauntered into the jacuzzi with his mates who were attractive but distinctly average. But he seemd to walk with a confident swagger and try as i might i could not make out the size of his appendage the only thing I could see was a big lump full stop. It seemed the compression shorts worked as they were intended.

I dont normally find younger guys attractive but this guy was something else, i nearly fainted when he stood next to me, stretching one of his collosal legs out of the jacuzzi seemingly to stretch his quad muscles where it appeared as though he had an old sports injury

The next thing I got an eyefull off was a huge patch of thick dark hair under his armpits that contrasted amazingly with his pale alabaster skin making the bush appear thicker and even more prominent and inviting as the water dripped off the ends of the thick curls

I watched him closely but without attracting any attention but im sure he must have been used to it as he truly was an attractive guy, talking about all sorts of nonsense things with his mates in a deep sultry voice and eyeing up several of the women in there they eventually decided to leave, I took particular note of his stripey brown towel

I followed them up moments later. our gym now has all private shower cubicles but i could tell which cubicle he had used because he left his long white shorts slung over the top of the door and his stripey brown towel outside.

I positioned my self in a cubicle diagonally opposite and waited, after ages of soaping and washing he eventually he came out, funnily enough at that moment so did I. His butt was like the rest of his body smooth like alabaster and hairless.

He made no effort to cover up but as he turned to pick up his clothing he afforded me a full frontal view of his equipment. BOY WAS THE GUY HUGE

He was soft but appeared fluffed up from the warm shower, probably around 7inch hanging down but twisted slightly from the mid section so his cock head faced to his left.. He was uncut with an element of overhang and a huge vein runing down the entire length. The base of his shaft was extremely thick and it tapered in a fairly even manner to the tip of his foreskin, there was a some prominence where his cockhead flange bulged and became pronounced under his foreskin

I imagined hard he would have been at least ten inch,- to be continued...


I had a massage at a hotel spa and being in the US, there was all that draping of sheets and towels so that my privates would not be exposed to the masseur. Its so ridiculous but required at many places. What was really amusing came later. I headed for the shower which was a room with about 5 heads. In walks the masseur buck naked. I was his last appt for the day and he was showering with me. We spent about 20 mins. totally nude and enjoying it. Nothing sexual at all.


Had this funny experience a few years ago.

Was in the changing room at a swimming pool, this guy was naked & turned away from me, I was admiring his ass. Then I glanced at a shaving mirror to my left, he was looking at me looking at him! Very embarrassed I made a quick exit.


I have gotten one compliment in a locker room sauna just a few months ago. Never happened to me before, but I was sitting on my towel alone in the sauna, partly covered but not completely. Another guy walks in and after a few minutes of sitting there says, "hey man, that's a big cock!". To which I said, "thank you". What else can you say?


A couple of days ago i turned on the water and got in the (curtained) gym shower, and when I looked down I noticed what looked like cum flowing into the drain with the water. It seemed like someone left a fresh load on the shower floor before I got in there. I was turned on and grossed out at the same time. I squirted some of the hair conditioner the gym provides on the floor of the shower to see if it flowed the same way as cum does. It didn't. So i'm pretty sure it was cum.


I have a number of stories I can tell - I'll post this one first.

True story ...

I was on vacation in Hawaii. The hotel had a very nice fitness center with both a dry sauna and steamroom in the men's locker area. Given that most of the hotel guests were on "mainland time", the fitness center was very busy in the early-morning hours but deserted during the rest of the day.

I went cruising online and found a hookup. We arranged to meet in the hotel lobby, and then proceeded directly to the fitness center. We got naked and stored our clothes in the lockers. He looked really impressive - military guy, mid-40s, very muscular, stationed in Hawaii.

We got in the shower together (stall with curtain) and soaped each other up. Lots of stroking and jacking each other, but he wasn't into kissing another guy. We gave each other some great oral in the shower too. After that we moved to the steamroom where he fucked the hell out of me. He pulled out to shoot his load and left a nice pool of cum on the steamroom bench. After he shot, we recovered in the steamroom and I scooped up some of his cum with my fingers and used it to jack my load.

It was really intense. With the combination of the steam and the fucking, I nearly passed out when I shot my load, but it was incredible sex. We were there for probably a half-hour and nobody else came into the locker area.


Well last week there was this guys that was very, very hung (and I am not impressed easily 😉 ). He was a bit of a nerdy, accountant type-of-guy and looked very conservative, but he did enjoy giving a little show and had no rush at all to get dressed and kept waving that cock (which was probably a bit fluffed up). When he put a pair of briefs on they almost looked ridiculous with that bulge. I tried to behave like I didn't notice, maybe I should have but I try to keep my cool and not be a gay lurker.


Screw all the other theories out there! This thread is why I get a boner in public showers!!


This is more of a sauna story, but here goes. I was sitting in the sauna at my local ,y where I work out, on a Friday evening around 6pm. The sauna is relatively small, 6 person size with two benches in tiers, one above the other like in a stadium. The sauna opens onto a shower room with 12 heads, through a glass door. Anyway, I was in there sitting on my towel, knees up, feet on the bench and facing sideways. There was one other guy in there sitting on a stool. Suddenly, four guys walk in, obviously business friends and straight seeming. One guy gets up on the bench with me, and the other three take the lower bench. Well, the fellow on the bench with me starts staring down between my legs to the point where he can't follow the otherwise normal conversation. They were asking him where he had been on vacation the week prior and he couldn't remember at first. It was really pretty funny for me. He gradually moves his hand over until it is resting on my foot and he discretely starts stroking my instep. Well, eventually I decided that I needed a cool down, so I exited to the showers. When I returned, everyone had resituated so that there were two on the top bench, two on the bottom, and the guy on the random stool. I sat down on my towel, between the guys on top, one of whom was the foot stroker. I leaned forward a bit when I suddenly felt a hand on my ass cheek. Once again it was very discrete. The hand slowly moved its way to the top of my ass crack, then a finger moved down slowly to find my hole. It pulled away but returned quickly, this time wet. Slowly and deliberately it worked its way up my asshole and began to finger me. The feeling was great and the knowledge that I was being fingered in a room full of straight, unknowing, businessmen was exciting as anything I had experienced. I became fully aroused but was unable to hide it without bringing my situation to attention. I just sat there and enjoyed being this strangers play toy as the men talked about market performance. As suddenly as it began, the finger was gone and the gentlemen left the sauna and headed home to their wives. I, of course, went to the showers and finished my self off. I haven't seen that man since then, though I've had several more fun experiences at the y.


So about 20 years ago -- some guy saw me showin a semi -- gave me the eye -- and sucked me dry in a massage room near the jacuzzi....completely anon, blew hard and walked away!!!