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Sex With a Large PenisReal-life experiences, techniques, pros and cons, injuries, masturbation, etc.2 Topics · 23 PostsLast post: Do BIG dicks run in your family? · 4 hours ago · Guest
Underwear, Clothing, And Appearance IssuesWhat to wear (to show or not to show), what's comfortable, what's not..3 Topics · 8 PostsLast post: Most embarrassing place you've got … · 1 hour ago · Guest
Large Penis DiscussionsReal-life experiences, techniques, pros and cons, injuries, masturbation, etc.3 Topics · 17 PostsLast post: Big bulge obsession · 5 days ago · Guest
The Healthy PenisErection concerns, Viagra, ejaculation, etc.1 Topic · 8 PostsLast post: Morning Wood · 2 days ago · Guest
Erotic StoriesStories and discussions about large penises2 Topics · 2 PostsLast post: Turned out by BBC · 5 days ago · Guest

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